Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Quote of the Day

From Dan Savage's interview at the Onion's AV CLUB:

AVC: You joke about people getting your advice and then killing themselves, but do you have any actual anxiety about the effect your column may have on people?

DS: No. I feel like I'm a compassionate guy, but I also feel if somebody's grip on life or sanity is so tenuous that a joke in an advice column that usually is nothing but jokes pushes them over the edge, then if not me, it would have been a leaf blowing past them that did it, or something else. You almost have to feel that way, doing this. And also, I'm not a big anti-suicide guy. I don't regard suicide necessarily as this huge unspeakable act of selfishness or tragedy. Some people take themselves out for completely legit reasons. Hopefully they'll get help, hopefully they'll think about it, but if they want to check out, I feel like they have a right to do that. I hope that nobody checks out because I made a joke at their expense, but anybody who's so weak that they could check out because of some stranger in the newspaper, in the anonymous treatment of their letter, is gonna bleed to death in a rainstorm if their skin is that thin. You can't really obsess about it.


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