Saturday, February 25, 2006

I love my laptop..

..and my wireless connection, as well, of course.

I'm watching the Godfather Part II for yet another time, but this time, listening to Francis Ford Coppola's commentary, which I just discovered that is contained in the Godfather DVD collection.

And, since it's well over the tenth time I'm watching the movie, I need not pay much attention to it, so I have no problem having the company of my brand new laptop with me so that at the same time I can blog, use my MSN Messenger, surf and read things like the very very interesting Francis Fukuyama article in last week's New York Times Magazine, titled "After Neoconservatism". Here's an excerpt:
"Radical Islamism is a byproduct of modernization itself, arising from the loss of identity that accompanies the transition to a modern, pluralist society. It is no accident that so many recent terrorists, from Sept. 11's Mohamed Atta to the murderer of the Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh to the London subway bombers, were radicalized in democratic Europe and intimately familiar with all of democracy's blessings. More democracy will mean more alienation, radicalization and — yes, unfortunately — terrorism."


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