Saturday, February 25, 2006

Commentaries, DVDs and directors' voices.

Now that I'm listening to the voice of an artist I admire as much as anyone, it ocurred to me once again, how beneficial for movie-lovers the DVD have been, for multiple reasons. I thought about that because Coppola is an ideal example: he's as gifted a director as anyone, but he's not any kind of celebrity giving various interviews about himself and his movies. He doesn't make movies often and he talks about them even less.

Movies he has made, like The Godfather and Apocalypse Now (which I like even more) are real masterpieces, and every time I watch them I'm left with the desire to learn as much as possible about them. I google them, I check message boards, hold discussions about them, but nothing's like hearing their creator's voice explaining you his own perspective of his own masterpiece.
In the era of videotape I wouldn't have even imagined this wonderful possibility. Today, I'll be listening to F.F. Coppola for (at least) three hours, two weeks after I watched Se7en again, while hearing David Fincher's voice commenting on his movie together with Brad Pitt.


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