Sunday, January 08, 2006

Intellectually lazy polemic against Richard Dawkins

One of the Guardian's most silly articles, ever, written by Madeleine Banding. I wish I'll find the time later to deal with arguments like "the problem when people don't believe in God is not that they believe nothing, it is that they believe anything" or the notion that we shouldn't be troubled over the fact that religion is cause of numerous wars and conflicts all over Earth, because there are wars caused by other things too, like nationalism. Or, the stupidest argument of them all, this time in favour of religious education of children, because "religion can also provide children with a deep sense of confidence from the teaching that they are each precious in the eyes of God".

Not much analysis needed, anyway. If these are the arguments against Professor Dawkins views, then I'm sorry about mrs Bunting, but it seems like atheists shouldn't be angry at all, because the opposition is terribly weak.


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