Wednesday, December 28, 2005

SPIEGEL reloaded

I was ready to write that there was something interesting SPIEGEL didn't publish on its english site, as I had discovered a Jean Cluade Trichet's interview to the magazine yesterday, on European Central Bank's website. But, today in my inbox, SPIEGEL's newsletter (in english, sure) there was a link on the interview, uploaded here, under the title "We can't stop history".

Kudos to SPIEGEL, once again. I liked Trichet's optimism, I think we lack this kind of optimism in Europe, and we'd be much happier if we embraced it. The interview's memorable quote:

The collapse of the Soviet Union was partly the result of Western Europe's success. And you can't stop history. We must constantly explain to people in Europe, especially in the countries that formed the original core of the EU -- Germany, Italy, the Benelux countries and France, for example -- that the territory at issue today is far, far larger than the Europe of Charlemagne!


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