Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Long live SPIEGEL ONLINE in English!

SPIEGEL ONLINE has an excellent aritcle on globalization, in english. It talks about the merits of globalization, rebuffing many of the groundless points of the critics of open markets and free trade, but still, it's reality based, not prone to exaggerations. It recognizes the problems that still exist allover the world, abuses like child labour and the ineffectiveness of some measures like fair trade inciatives. I really think everyone should read this article. It's longer than usual but certainly worth it.

More generally, SPIEGEL has a great presence in the web, only judging by its english service. It has become one of my favourite websites, making me wish I could speak german if the magazine is really like this. Check out yestrday's interviews for example: the one with Professor Dennett and the one with Ukraine's President and Orange Revolution's hero Victor Yuschenko.


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