Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Benedict's hatred

I'm not a Christian and I'm not gay either, but I think somebody has to call Catholic Church's hate and bigotry towards homosexual people for what it is. I think this post from Andrew Sullivan does it very well (note that he's both a Catholic and a gay). Short as it is, I'll copy it entirely here:
QUOTE OF THE DAY: "It's like a Jew wearing a Nazi uniform. I could no longer stay in that institution with any amount of integrity." - the Rev. Leonard Walker, a Catholic priest in Arizona, who has just resigned after the latest wave of bigotry from Rome. Again, I'm frustrated at not being able to fully address the latest document and the astonishing accompanying piece in L'Osservatore Romano today. But my doc says I'm improving, and should be back in the saddle soon. In the OR piece, however, the echoes of the Vatican's previous views on Jews are unmistakable: gays/Jews as a destabilizing force in society, a threat to the family, danger to children, and so on. The pain inflicted by this pope on so many good and faithful people still shocks even me; and the radicalism of the new doctrine - demonizing gay people for who they are, not for anything they might do - still amazes. The notion that my relationship destabilizes society, and threatens my own family is impossible not to take as a vicious personal attack on people the hierarchy has no desire to understand, let alone love. More soon.


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